about us


Behind it all

Magic Morpho represents the magic in each of us. Morpho means changed or modified in addition to its Ancient Greek meaning, the shapely one, and represented by Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.

Blue Morpho butterflies appear metallic, displaying shimmering shades of blue and green. However their wings are actually iridescent, reflecting light in many layers, creating the appearance of shimmering color. Pure magic! 

The iridescence is only on the top side of the wings, while the underside is typically brown with eyespots to hide and camouflage. More magic!

We all have the ability to hang out while blending in but still harness the power to display pure beauty, wonder, iridescence, and light.

the journey

My Own magic

Hi, I’m Keri, Founder
of magic morpho!

The path to opening the Magic Morpho store has been long and winding. My fascination with magical things began long ago, when I started collecting crystals, butterflies, and related treasures on trips to visit family in Mt. Shasta, California. I continued seeking these treasures throughout my life, and it has culminated in a stunning collection from around the world!

Long before I ever imagined opening a store, I attended graduate school and then went straight into academia. As a young professor (with kids) who was always hustling, I quickly burned out. I decided to become a full-time stay-at-home parent and move to a new city. Life tested me many times over. Eventually I became involved in nonprofit work, which taught me to manage varied constituencies, budgets, and crises all simultaneously.

About 10 years ago, I felt the need for more and became committed to my yoga practice and creating art. My spiritual development evolved into many practices and training which allowed me to discover my gift for helping others. I found myself using crystals, tarot, yoga Nidra, intuitive mindset coaching, and healing dance to do just that. The only problem was, I needed a space in which to facilitate all of this. Thus, Magic Morpho was born!

I am so grateful for all that has led me here, and I welcome you into the store to find that special something that will help you along your own path in life.

Visit the store to uncover your own magic!