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What’s so special About our custom curated Crystals?

In a private consultation with Keri, you’ll share your unique needs and what you’re looking for in a crystal. Based on your exclusive request, she hand picks a one-of-a-kind crystal just for you.

Whether the crystal is meant for you or a loved one, it is chosen with intention and care with your specific needs (protection, healing, strength, clarity, etc.) in mind.

Decorah, Iowa’s unique geographic landscape was formed as a result of an asteroid impact millions of years ago, creating exclusive ecological treasures from the high-pressure, high-heat experience. Additionally, Decorah is part of the “driftless area”, a region in the Midwest of the United States which, unlike surrounding areas, was never covered by ice during the last ice age. That means the wildlife is closer to what you’d find in the Great Lakes or New England, and the landscapes boast steep, forested hills, deeply carved river valleys, and underground springs which ultimately culminate in waterfalls. Today, the region is known for its natural power, striking beauty, and the healing energy of the natural spring water that flows through it.

Once your crystal is selected, Keri personally cleanses and charges it in the waterfalls of Decorah, IA. The selection and preparation of the uniquely purposed crystal is documented, preserving its powerful exclusivity.

because of the care and time it takes to select, properly cleanse, and charge each unique crystal, only Five requests are accepted each month.

To request a custom curated crystal gift, either for yourself or for a loved one, choose a payment method below to begin the process. You will be charged $150 USD*, which covers the cost of:

  • your consultation
  • one crystal, curated from a select variety
  • the cleansing and charging of the crystal in Decorah, IA falls/waters
  • shipping of the crystal to your address within the US**

*Please note that if the type or size of crystal you desire does not fall into the select variety covered by this fee, you will be charged separately after your consultation and upon your agreement for the difference.

** Shipping outside the US will incur an additional cost depending on the destination.

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$150.00 USD

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