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Some choose their crystal based on a specific concern or need, following the research about the kind of energy different crystals emit and how that can be helpful for particular issues.

The best advice is to follow what you are drawn to. If a particular stone catches your eye or draws your attention repeatedly, follow that intuition. Whether you’re feeling pulled toward its beauty, color, or shape, explore whether you like how it feels in your hand.

Can you see it in your home or office? Are you met with any feelings, vibes, or visions while you’re holding it?

The same applies when shopping for someone else. When thinking of them, what catches your eye? What makes you think of that person and your relationship with them?

In the end, go with what feels good to you. Trust in your interest and follow your curiosity. Connect with your crystal through meditation and intentional exploration. The more you use your crystal(s), the more they become uniquely yours!

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Of what we’ve curated for you

Whether you’re simply curious or have a specific gift, person, or price range in mind, there’s something magical in our store just for you. You’re invited to be inspired, to experience the enchantment, and embrace your sense of wonder.

crystals, rocks, fossils, mystical treasures & healing totems

Explore our collection of fossils, loose stones, and crystals gathered from unique geographic locations around the world. Visit our handmade dig table and select your favorites.

altar cloths & hand carved bowls

Connect with your higher self in a sacred altar space draped with beauty, signifying your desire. Choose from peaceful patterns, inspiring colors, and hand made bowls to house your crystals.

Singing bowls & other sound healing tools

Open the energetic pathways in your body, balance your energetic field, and express your feelings with the sound and vibration of our wind chimes, tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, and more.

Crystal lamps & other lighting

Further embrace your spirituality at home by adding incense, candles, salt lamps, fluorite tower lamps, and onyx lamps from our healing collection to your space.

Handcrafted, local art & collectibles

Experience enchantment through our selection of magical, handmade, one-of-a-kind artwork. Each piece is carefully curated by Keri herself, and never sold on consignment.

local fossils and geological treasures

Take home your own unique treasure, sourced locally from Decorah, Iowa creek beds, produced by the high-pressure, high-heat environment resulting from asteroid impact millions of years ago.

Framed, ethically harvested butterfly art

Select the piece that speaks to you most from our ethically harvested butterfly art collection. All specimens are collected from sanctuaries after passing away in their natural habitat.

Awakened fashion & magic morpho swag

Express your self-healing, nature-loving, feel-good vibe in style with rare pieces from our assortment of flannels, leggings, and flowy gender-inclusive wear and branded swag.

handmade jewelry

Ignite your own curiosity, introspection, and intuition as you select a beautifully hand-crafted, unique work of art made by artists from all over the world, as a gift to share or for yourself to wear home.

Books & journals

Expand your knowledge and understanding of natural healing practices with our library of books and journals on crystals, forest bathing, foraging, yoga and more.

Card Decks

Browse our hand-selected collection of tarot, oracle, and meditation cards to find a set that energetically speaks to your personal exploration practices and rituals.

Yoga supplies

Create a comfortable experience throughout your yoga practice with our eye cushions, bolsters, and meditation pillows. Allow beauty to surround you and come from within as you explore yoga.

Candles, Incense, and Smudging supplies

Tap your own intuition as you select a scent and aligned, purposeful energy from our large selection of magical merchandise here to support you, regardless of how deep you want to go.

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